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Business Trips by Localyze| FAQs
Business Trips by Localyze| FAQs

This article is an overview of the Business Trips solution by Localyze and it answers some frequently asked questions.

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Localyze offers Business Trips a solution that enables companies to ensure compliant and hassle-free business travel for their team.

With our Business Trip solution, you can

  • Evaluate and ensure the compliance requirements of your team’s business travel

  • Keep track of team travel from your dedicated “Manage Requests” dashboard

  • Save time and hassle on business trips with our expert immigration support

Where can I find my company's unique Business Trips request form

The unique URL to access the business trip request form can be found on the "Manage Requests" page in the Localyze account at

1. How does Business Trips by Localyze work?

Streamline Business Trips in four easy steps

  • Share your unique request form with your team

  • Your employees request business trips through the form

  • Manage all requests from the “Manage Requests” dashboard

  • Localyze will take care of the rest, keeping you informed every step of the way

2. What is the price of a Business Trip evaluation?


3. Can Localyze support the immigration case for my team's travel?

Localyze can support business trip immigration cases to all countries we serve. See the list of countries we support here. These include obtaining A1 certificates if requested and supporting the visa process among others.

Case support for business trips starts at €399 for assisted service level and €599 for premium service levels.

4. What countries can Localyze support with compliance checks for business trips?

Localyze can perform compliance checks for business trips to anywhere in the world, PROVIDED the trip starts from

  • Germany

  • The United Kingdom

  • Switzerland

  • Netherlands

  • Singapore

  • Belgium

  • Lithuania

Do you need support from other departing countries? Please let us know as we continuously expand our service to new markets.

5. Who will be notified of new incoming requests and completed assessments?

All Superadmins of your company in Localyze will be notified of a new incoming trip request, as well as the completed assessment.

6. Can I book a risk assessment without booking an immigration case?

Yes, you can book the compliance evaluation and get the report without having to book the case.

7. Can I book an immigration case without booking a risk assessment?

You can book business trip support to our available markets independently from risk assessments. However, trips to markets other than these will REQUIRE a risk assessment before we can support the immigration case.

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